Live Innovations Learn from the Best at Newcastle Rising Star Seminar

Live Innovations Learn from the Best at Newcastle Rising Star Seminar

“To be the best, you have to learn from the best,” states Tom Harris, Managing Director at Live Innovations. Earlier this month, the London-based event-marketing experts traveled to the North East to attend an industry Rising Star seminar.


The event was held on Saturday, April 7th at the 4-Star Sandman Signature Hotel. With limited places at the invite-only event, Mr Harris selected two of the firm’s top performing contractors to accompany him on the trip to Newcastle. Mr Harris was named among the list of keynote speakers for the event, seeing the award-winning entrepreneur add to his long list of recent speaking engagements.


The Rising Star seminar was attended by the most promising figures within the UK direct sales and marketing industry, invited to listen to some of the most successful business owners in the country. Each speaker was given a specialist subject, one which they excel in, to address delegates. Speakers included award-winning entrepreneurs and some of the most high profile figures within the UK direct sales and marketing industry. The objective of the seminar was to provide attendees with information to help them progress their business development. Speakers covered an array of topics including business growth, doing the basics right, coaching and mentoring others to effectively replace yourself, mastering the art of networking and the power of goal setting,


After the last speaker had finished, the seminar closed with a thirty-minute question and answer session, where delegates had the opportunity to quiz the speakers, gaining more in-depth insight into specific areas. “One of the most effective ways to learn, grow and develop is to learn from the best and ask questions. During my time as a rookie business owner, I made it my mission to spend time with and speak to people who were at the top of their game. It’s a real privilege to now be in the position where I am asked to share my knowledge and experience with those who are up and coming,” commented Mr Harris.


The two top performers that Mr Harris selected to attend the event relished the opportunity and seized the chance to expand their network, forging new connections. “The feedback I received was extremely encouraging, and it’s been evident that those two individuals have already started to apply some of the information they learned at the seminar,” commented Mr Harris.


Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm offer brands bespoke marketing campaigns, designed to suit individual business needs. Mr Harris is passionate about helping the firm’s staff and contractors to progress their business development, and they frequently travel to events across the country to learn from the best in the business.



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