Live innovations Reveal the secrets to Supercharging Productivity

Live innovations Reveal the secrets to Supercharging Productivity

London-based event-marketing specialists, Live Innovations have created a culture where productivity levels are consistently high. The firm is frequently the number one agency in the country for their clients, and they have shared the secrets to supercharging productivity.

Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris has created a culture where people flourish, and productivity levels are high. The business owner argues that focus is critical for achieving maximum productivity.  Live Innovations has shared ways to stay focused and supercharge productivity.

Remember the big picture

People can lose their sense of urgency by becoming bogged down in the mundane day to day tasks that are necessary to achieve the long-term goals. At Live Innovations, they urge their contractors to remember why they started.

“Even if you love what you do, there will be some aspects that you find monotonous, and that can result in a loss of urgency and focus. When this happens, you’ve got to remember the bigger picture and the goal you’re working towards,” commented Tom Harris, Managing Director at Live Innovations.


Live Innovations believe that to achieve optimum productivity; it’s important to prioritise. The event-marketing specialists urge their contractors to prioritise tasks based on importance. “The big tasks are often the most time consuming and gruelling; however they yield the biggest results, and so it’s vital to work on those first,” commented Mr Harris.

Learn to say no

Too often, people are afraid to say no, and that can be counter-productive.  The most productive people recognise they have to have the discipline to say no, to focus on what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Get into a daily routine

Live Innovations argue that success is a result of habits implemented daily. Serial entrepreneur, Tom Harris contends that once something becomes a habit, it’s difficult to get out of.  Creating a daily routine is critical to achieving optimum productivity.  At Live innovations, they believe that getting into a daily routine helps people to stay focused on their dreams and producing excellent results.

Stop reaching for crumbs and go for the cake

Inspirational speaker, Sade Burrell explains a conversation she once had with her uncle where he told her that she was reaching for crumbs when there was a cake right in front of her and that insight can be applied in business.  When people lose focus, they often take the easier option, going for the crumbs which doesn’t have much significance in helping them achieve their goals, instead of going for the cake.

Live Innovations have developed a culture which aides their contractors to achieve high productivity levels by helping them to focus on their goals.




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