Live Innovations Managing Director Reacts to Career lessons of Highly Successful Individuals

Live Innovations Managing Director Reacts to Career lessons of Highly Successful Individuals

Managing Director at Live innovations, Tom Harris is a regular listener to the Business Insider podcast, “Success! How I Did It” and the award-winning entrepreneur has reacted to the career lessons from some of the most highly successful individuals featured on the podcast.

Hosted by Richard Feloni, the podcast is a weekly conversation with business leaders, where Feloni asks them to share a single piece of career advice that they believed to be particularly significant. Managing Director at, Live Innovations, Tom Harris has reacted to the three most compelling insights.

Vimeo CEO | Anjali Sud

Sud revealed that the most significant lesson she learned was to always seek opportunities outside of her comfort zone. During the conversation with Feloni, Sud revealed that it was her father who had the most significant influence on her career.  An entrepreneur who had immigrated to Flint, Michigan from India, he told Sud that she should live outside of her comfort zone.

Sud stated, “I think that when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, you get off that learning curve so much faster and you develop as a leader so much faster.”

That was a piece of advice that resonated with Mr Harris. The owner of event-marketing specialists, Live Innovations firmly believes that all progress takes place outside of the comfort zone and that if people want to be successful, they must push their boundaries. He suggests all new staff and contractors start in sales to really get out of their comfort zone and to understand their products.

Media mogul | Tina Brown

Former New Yorker and Vanity Fair editor, Brown stated that her success was the result of learning early on how to create great and loyal teams.

Brown commented; “Really nurture talent — I mean, talent’s the key to it all,” she said. “You have to handle people properly. You need to find them, but then you’ve got to keep them with you. The way you keep them with you is by being genuinely engaged with people.

Mr Harris has worked hard to develop a strong company culture at Live Innovations, with a recognition and reward culture, keeping talent motivated and appreciated.

Edible Arrangements founder | Tariq Farid

Farid moved to the US from Pakistan at 13 years old. His family had little money, and the ethnic and economic differences resulted in bullying from some of the neighbourhood kids. Farid explained that he didn’t give too much attention to those who bullied him and instead, he focussed on the neighbours who embraced his family and supported their flower shop. The takeaway from the Farid podcast was not to engage with people who aren’t supportive of the cause.

“There are plenty of naysayers and people who want to see you fail. The key is to surround yourself with people who support you and want to see you succeed.” Commented Mr Harris.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm is committed to creating personal, bespoke campaigns to suit individual business needs. Mr Harris urges aspiring entrepreneurs to put the “Success! How I Did It” podcast on their must-listen list.




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