Live Innovations Promote the Benefits of In-House Business Development Program

Live Innovations Promote the Benefits of In-House Business Development Program

As the 2018 graduates attempt to integrate themselves into the business world, London’s premier event marketing firm, Live Innovations is promoting the benefits of their business development program, explaining how it can be the perfect transition from education to business.

Many graduates find themselves stuck in a catch 22 of not having the practical experience but possessing many of the attributes required. At Live Innovations they don’t pre-judge on experience; instead, they value characteristics such as work ethic, attitude and student mentality.  The event-marketing experts contend that as long as someone possesses those three attributes, their highly experienced sales consultants can provide them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.

Live Innovations business development program is open to all. They don’t pre-judge on educational or occupational background, and they operate a meritocratic business model. The business development program teaches participants all aspects of the firm’s business fundamentals and provides them with on-going support and guidance via a personal mentor and access to networking links.

Participants in the program will learn every aspect of coordinating and executing live and experiential marketing campaigns. Live Innovations teach every aspect of campaign and people management including but not limited to; client relations, sales and marketing strategies, motivational and informative public speaking and leadership.

Live Innovations non-seniority business model allows them to offer graduates the chance to get involved in all aspects of their business, learning the fundamentals through one on one coaching and mentoring sessions, workshops and development seminars.

At Live Innovations they aren’t about standing out from the crowd – they lead it, and they are looking for ambitious, creative thinkers and entrepreneurial-minded graduates whose ideas align with theirs and who can bring new ideas and a fresh sense of ambition and enthusiasm.

Live Innovations is an expanding firm with tremendous growth potential. They recently acquired a new client, and they have goals to expand into new markets by the end of 2018, and that growth will be dependent on finding the right individuals to help take their business forward.

“The growth opportunities currently are limitless. We are in a real transition period, and it’s an exciting time to be involved with Live Innovations,” commented Mr Harris.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. They provide brands with bespoke marketing campaigns designed to suit business needs. Now in graduate season, the firm is excited to expand their talent pool, and Mr Harris believes the firms prestigious business development program will be pivotal to attracting top talent.


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