Cultivate a Culture of Happiness and success Using Live Innovation’s 5-Step Guide

Cultivate a Culture of Happiness and success Using Live Innovation’s 5-Step Guide

London-based event marketing specialists Live Innovations attribute their continued success to their company culture where happiness and success go hand in hand. The firm is encouraging companies to cultivate a culture of happiness by implementing their 5-step guide.

Research undertaken by economists at the University of Warwick revealed that happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker, while unhappy ones are found to be 10 percent less productive. Event marketing specialists Live Innovations believe there is a direct connection between happiness and productivity and for that reason, Managing Director Tom Harris has invested a great deal of time into creating a working environment, which promotes happiness.

“I want people to jump out of bed with a passion and enthusiasm to start the day and work towards their goals,” commented Mr Harris.

The award winning entrepreneur and owner at Live Innovations, Tom Harris has explained how the company spread happiness within their business by following these five steps:

  1. Listen to what people have to say

For a harmonious workplace with happy workers, it’s important for companies to listen to what people have to say. “People want to feel that their opinions are heard and valued,” commented Mr Harris. At Live Innovations, the management team operates an open door policy to make communication easy.

  1. Recognise and Reward

Live Innovations attribute a much of their business success to adopting a recognition and reward culture. “At Live Innovations, our people are our business and the secret to our success. It’s important to me that our staff and contractors feel appreciated for their hard work and efforts and they are rewarded adequately,” commented Mr Harris. The event-marketing specialists offer frequent bonuses, incentives and prizes for their top performers keeping people incentivised to work hard.

  1. Development

Live Innovations believe that one of the secrets to their success is the unrivalled development opportunities they offer to their staff and contractors. Through their structured in-house development program, Live Innovations offer ongoing coaching, advice and guidance to help people achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

  1. Team bonding

Live Innovations believe it is important for companies to offer team-bonding activities to help workers build personal and professionals relationships which will result in a boost to communication and productivity at work. The London-based event-marketing specialists host weekly team nights at London’s top bars and restaurants, as well as regular company activity days and R&R retreats.

  1. Build trust

Businesses who foster a culture of trust throughout all levels are more likely to have a happy workforce argues Live Innovations. The firm believes it is crucial to be open with staff and contractors, to discuss new career and growth opportunities and company goals.

Live Innovations is an event marketing firm based in London. As event marketing specialists, the company works on behalf of clients’ brands to create unique campaigns which allow them to connect with consumers directly and exclusive events. The firm takes great pride in having a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment where they motivate and inspire their staff and contractors to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.



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