Don’t forget your mistakes – learn from them argues Live Innovations.

Don’t forget your mistakes – learn from them argues Live Innovations.

London-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Live Innovations are passionate about developing people and helping them reach their full potential, and they encourage their staff and contractors to learn from their mistakes, not to forget them.   

Live Innovations believe that making mistakes in the business world is inevitable when trying new techniques and navigating the path to success. The firm understands that making mistakes is an opportunity to learn and develop. The company has put together their list of errors that offer a higher chance to learn. 

Repeating the same action and expecting varying results – Live Innovations encourage their young professionals to assess their mistakes if something has had a negative outcome, change the approach. The firm understands that smart individuals can recognise that attempting a problem a second time must require a different approach.  

Losing sight of the bigger picture – The firm understands that smaller tasks can weight down individuals, often forgetting the bigger picture. Live Innovations encourages its workforce to keep this in mind, ensuring they can prioritise, adjust assignments and complete varying goals with the big picture in mind.  

Attempting to please everyone – Live Innovations state that this is a common mistake many people make in a variety of industries. They are keen to instil the ethos within their team that they must not be afraid to make decisions they feel are right, even if this may upset another individual. The firm understands that this is a mistake that offers a higher scope for development in both professional and personal lives.  

Live Innovations understand that mistakes in the business world can be considered as valuable learning tools, encouraging their young professionals to look at mistakes with a positive mindset. The firm is supporting their staff to learn from mistakes, embracing them is the primary solution not to make a mistake a second time.  

The firm has a strong company focus on supporting their aspiring entrepreneurs. They aim to teach them and ensure they grow and develop into successful young professionals who can make proactive decisions within the workplace. Live Innovations hope their aspiring entrepreneurs will have a hand in shaping the future of the industry. 


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