Live Innovations breaking records for finance client due to leadership initiative

Live Innovations breaking records for finance client due to leadership initiative

London-based event-marketing experts, Live Innovations continue to break records, with a third consecutive week as the number one marketing agency in the UK for their finance client.

The firm has developed a hugely successful partnership with one of the UK’s leading finance providers, and that has proven to be extremely lucrative for both Live Innovations and their client as they continue to break records and boost turnover.

The event marketing specialists believe that their growth spurt has been due to their commitment to developing strong leaders. On Sunday, September 3rd, the firm attended an industry business development conference, and since that meeting, they have implemented a new leadership initiative, and they have seen productivity increase by over 10%.

Live Innovations is first and foremost a sale firm; however, development is at the core of their business philosophy, with Managing Director Tom Harris being a passionate coach and mentor for aspiring professionals.

The London-based firm has a recruitment strategy of “no experience – no problem, ” and therefore, they invest a lot of time and energy into everyone they work with, providing them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to become a key player. The firm recognises that every successful business is built on strong leadership foundations and they place a significant emphasis on leadership capabilities, and regularly host optional educational workshops and seminars to allow their contractors to hone their leadership skills.

“One of my biggest objectives as a business owner is to grow the firm to be a market leader in the UK, and I recognise that to do that, I need to develop strong leaders who can support our business growth, “ said Tom Harris, Managing Director at Live Innovations.

At Live Innovations, they believe that the most effective leaders are hands-on and they lead by example by showing people how it’s done, rather than telling them how to do it. The event marketing experts have a “show not tell” approach to leadership training, and they believe that is one of the secrets to their success for developing strong leaders.

Since the firm implemented its new leadership initiative in September, many of their contractors have made significant strides, reaching critical stages in their business development. Mr Harris believes that their focus on leadership has been pivotal in driving them to break records and if projections are accurate, 2018 will be Live Innovations best year to date.

“Offering people a structured path, and investing in our people is paying dividends and I would encourage all businesses to focus on developing their people.” Commented Mr Harris.

Live Innovations is an event-marketing firm based in north London.  The company specialises in customer acquisition, and retention strategies so are highly experienced in this field. The business is excited by the results they have seen over the last six weeks, and they are looking forward to a huge final quarter.


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