Live Innovations hold Tutorial on creating a mindset for success.

Live Innovations hold Tutorial on creating a mindset for success.

London-based event marketing expert, Live Innovations believes the right mindset is what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. This past week the firm held a companywide tutorial to help its contractors achieve a mindset for success.

Live Innovations believes that success is a mindset and that for someone to achieve their full potential, they must learn how to obtain a success mindset. A psychologist from Stanford University, Carol Dweck concluded from extensive research on the science of accomplishments and success, that having the right mindset can make all the difference in people’s’ lives. Ms Dweck found that people with a growth mindset regularly strive for improvement by enhancing their skills, developing new ones and feeling passionate and inspired about what they do.

Managing Director of Live Innovations, Tom Harris is a prominent supporter of entrepreneurship and is committed to helping ambitious individuals to reach their full potential through ongoing coaching and development. Recently, Mr Harris hosted a tutorial focusing on assisting attendees to achieve a success mindset.

1. Focus on self-development

Despite first and foremost being a sales and marketing firm, Live Innovations is very much a development business, and regularly promotes the importance of self-development. The event marketing specialist encourages aspiring professionals to commit to continued self-development, identifying their weaknesses and working to overcome them while improving strengths. Live Innovations promotes this by hosting free workshops and seminars designed to help contractors learn, grow and develop.

2. Map out goals

Live Innovations believes goals play an integral role in someone’s ability to achieve success. The firm argues that laying out a well thought out plan with distinctive goals will set someone up for success. Having a map of goals to achieve within a specified time limit acts as motivation to accomplish every goal one at a time.
Completion of each goal will instil a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going.

3. Accept challenges

The road to success is full of challenges to overcome and to instil a mindset for success; Live Innovations believes an entrepreneur must mentally prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. “When someone can adopt the right mindset, it ensures that they won’t stumble when faced with setbacks, and instead will be able to tackle challenges head-on,” commented Tom Harris, Managing Director at Live Innovations.

4. Find a mentor

Live Innovations believes that a business coach or mentor can play an invaluable role in someone’s ability to achieve a success mindset. The event marketing specialist urges aspiring professionals to build a network of like-minded professionals and find a mentor who is in a position that they aspire to be. “In the early days, as a rookie, my business coach was pivotal to my success, and I would urge any aspiring entrepreneur to find a mentor to help advise and guide them on the journey to success,” commented Mr Harris.

5. Be proactive

In business, the worst thing to be is reactive, and Live Innovations encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to be proactive and be on the front foot. Those who are proactive can dictate their lives and make decisions rather than being victim to the decisions of others. Live innovations argues that when someone is proactive they have developed the right mindset to create a successful business.



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