Live Innovations MD Tom Harris Takes Suppliers To UK’s Largest Networking Event

Live Innovations MD Tom Harris Takes Suppliers To UK’s Largest Networking Event

Live Innovations managing director Tom Harris will bring top suppliers to one of UK’s largest independent networking events on outsourced sales and marketing in Birmingham this weekend.

Live Innovations is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in London. The event will be attended with three top suppliers who are largely responsible for the drastic increase in sales at Live Innovations over the last four months.

There will be several topics covered over the weekend, but the key message will be around quality and growth. These are two of the most important aspects for Live Innovations and the key suppliers to achieve their expansion goals in 2012.

Quality is something which was quite often overlooked in the past. Outsourced sales and marketing is when a company hands over this function of their business to an independent third party. This can be for many different reasons, save money, larger sales force, industry expertise, faster turnaround. One of the largest risks for any client when considering outsourcing a function, especially when outsourcing customer acquisition is that, they then put their brand in other people’s hands.

Live Innovations managing director Tom Harris says, “This can be great when using a premier outsourced sales and marketing company like Live Innovations or it can be quite risky if people are not fully trained in the product or conduct themselves in a professional manner. As demand for outsourced sales and marketing increases clients need to know that the companies they bring in to work on behalf of them take as much pride in the brand as they would themselves.”

There are many benefits for company’s considering outsourcing their sales and marketing function. Many clients that use Live Innovations services look for an increase in customers and quality. Those are some of the obvious benefits of taking on experts in a specialized role. Often companies who outsource have more time to focus on their core business, allowing them to come up with new products or improve services which can further increase profits or market share.

“This event will be a great chance to learn from key figures in our industry, I learnt a long time ago that if you want to get ahead then you need to learn from the best, and that’s what we are going to Birmingham to do” says Live Innovations managing director Tom Harris.



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