Live Innovations: Nerves Are Getting the Better of Top Talent

Live Innovations: Nerves Are Getting the Better of Top Talent

After reviewing the results of a recent study that revealed most job seekers are letting nerves get the better of them in interviews, Live Innovations has released a statement on how people can ensure they are showing their real abilities and overcome the nerves.

Top job board Total Jobs have conducted research on 6000 job seekers and 150 employees to discover top reasons why candidates are underperforming during an interview.  The job board wants to highlight the importance of delivering a confident elevator pitch.  A 60-second statement which offers insight into personal skills, values and experience.  As many as 77% thought candidates should and would benefit from a confident well-planned elevator speech. 47% of job seekers were reported to reveal that they find interviews nerve wracking, this was listed third in the most stressful events for humans.  Worryingly, 41% of candidates cited feeling nervous, and 34% said they doubted their skills and abilities in the face of an interview.

Live Innovations a successful sales and marketing firm offer their top 5 tips to getting the better of nerves:

  1. Positive Self-Talk I’m prepared.  Preparation for the impending interview is critical to building confidence.  Also practice positive affirmations verbally and through internal thoughts.
  2. Breathe Slowly 10 Times.  Reports claim ten deep breaths can calm nerves and go a long way to combat anxiety.  Breathe in deeply through the nose, and out through the mouth ten times.
  3. Visualise Success.  Take a chance to visualise getting the job, starting and becoming a successful member of the team.  Self-doubt decreases overall performance and will dramatically reduce the chance of obtaining the position.
  4. Avoid Coffee.  Coffee can cause jitters and reduce performance during an interview if nerves are already present as caffeine exaggerates emotions.
  5. Smile. Body language speaks a million words, by practising a relaxed smile it will communicate confidence and will also help slow down breathing.

Live Innovations are committed to sourcing premier representation for their clients and complete their interviews.  The firm holds an informal first appointment designed to relax candidates, explore their experience and goals for the future and taking the opportunity to share company goals and vision to ensure the match is suitable.  The subsequent appointment is longer and allows collaboration with existing contractors, shadowing a day in the life ensures both parties are confident that the opportunity is appropriate.  Live Innovations are convinced that their approach allows each interviewee to demonstrate skills and communicate their personal brand in a relaxed environment.

Live Innovations is an event marketing firm based in London. As event marketing specialists, the company works on behalf of clients’ brands to create unique campaigns which allow them to connect with consumers directly and exclusive events. These events are used to showcase their clients’ products or services and capture positive leads. By connecting in this personalised way, Live Innovations can establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Two thirds of jobseekers find that nerves get the better of them in interviews


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