Live Innovations aiming to attract career changers to prepare for 2019

Live Innovations aiming to attract career changers to prepare for 2019

As the festive season nears, Live Innovations is about to enter one of their busiest times of the year. As a result, the firm is looking to expand their talent pool, and they are aiming to attract career changers.

The Christmas countdown is on! As an event-marketing firm, the festive season is traditionally the busiest time of the year for Live Innovations. As a result, the firm is expanding their talent pool to meet demand, and prepare for a big 2019.

The current workforce at Live Innovations come from a wide variety of occupational and educational backgrounds. Managing Director, Tom Harris believes it is the firm’s diversity that has been integral to their success. ‘We have people from sports backgrounds, retail, hospitality, construction, administration and much more. We work with graduates, high school leavers and ambitious career changers,’ stated Mr Harris. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that this diversity has been the driving force of their success.

‘Our workforce possess a vast array of different talents and skill-sets. They all have very different ideas to bring to the table, and that helps our creativity,’ commented Mr Harris.

The Live Innovations business model means that experience isn’t necessary. The event-marketing experts have adopted a no experience  – no problem approach to talent acquisition. The London-based firm is now aiming to attract career changers as they prepare for a big 2019.

Managing Director, Mr Harris has revealed why career-changers should choose Live Innovations.

  1. Culture

Live Innovations has embraced the importance of company culture. In the highly competitive world of talent acquisition, the event-marketing experts believe their strong company culture helps them stand out from the crowd. They are proud to have cultivated a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment. They have developed a recognition and reward culture, offering various bonuses, incentives and prizes. They also appreciate the value of a good work-life balance, and they have weekly office nights and regular company activity days.

  1. Development opportunity

Live Innovations are proud to offer unparalleled development opportunities. Managing Director, Tom Harris is passionate about providing people with the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their potential. The event-marketing experts offer ambitious individuals the chance to learn, grow and develop via their unique business development programme.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm offers brands bespoke marketing campaigns, designed to suit individual business needs.

If you are a career changer and you want to find out more about the opportunities at Live Innovations, visit:


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