Live Innovations MD adds to his speaking engagements with a speech on Goal Setting

Live Innovations MD adds to his speaking engagements with a speech on Goal Setting

Award-winning entrepreneur and business owner, Tom Harris took to the stage this past weekend at a regional industry conference, where he addressed delegates on the subject of goal setting and its impact on success.

The Director of the event marketing specialists Mr Harris was one of seven guest speakers at the event. Held at the 4-Star Novotel London West, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners from across the UK travelled to the capital to attend the quarterly event.

The day started at 10 a.m. for Mr Harris as he was one of a select group of business owners who were invited to attend a thirty-minute business owner seminar on the Champagne Terrace. The full event got underway shortly after, where all delegates gathered in the Cremant Suite. There was a formal introduction, followed by industry promotions and an opportunity seminar. After the initial seminar, attendees were divided into two separate groups, based on their business experience. Group one comprised of rookies and group two was made up of sales and marketing professionals with more industry experience.

The Live Innovations director gave a speech to the second group, where he talked about the subject of goal setting. During his speech, he explained about developing goals and what it takes to make those goals a reality. Mr Harris expanded on the following points:

  • How sales taught him that seemingly impossible tasks could be achieved
  • Achieving a goal starts with thinking about where you want to be long-term, and working backwards
  • How a career in sales taught him that there would be challenges and setbacks and it’s the ability to keep going that makes someone great and able to achieve their goals
  • The importance of spending time with the right people helping someone to open their mind to what is possible
  • Dreams and goals will change over time as priorities change, keep evolving – it will happen.

Commenting after the event, Mr Harris stated: “It was a great experience, and I was delighted to be asked to speak. I take great satisfaction sharing my knowledge and experience, and if it helps one person to achieve their goals, it was worth it.”

Live Innovations is a London-based event-marketing firm. They use a personal, tailored approach guaranteed to connect with their clients’ target audiences. The regional conference was the latest in a growing list of speaking engagements for Mr Harris, and he is looking forward to the next one.


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