Live Innovations reveal how poor leadership can bring a business down

Live Innovations reveal how poor leadership can bring a business down

Event-marketing specialists, Live Innovations argue that successful businesses are built on solid leadership foundations. The London-based firm has revealed how poor leadership can bring a company down.

Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris is a passionate business coach and mentor who leads by example. The award-winning entrepreneur argues that effective leadership is vital for success.

Live Innovations have highlighted the poor leadership traits that can bring a business down.

Lack of vision

Live Innovations contend that leaders with the inability to communicate the vision with the team are ineffective. At Live Innovations they have weekly and monthly meetings to keep the workforce aware and engaged in the firm’s goals and vision for the future, to ensure everyone is involved and feels a part of it.

Failure to invest in development

Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris believes that the most significant mistake bad leaders make is a failure to invest in the development of their team. As a passionate business coach and mentor, Mr Harris is committed to offering development opportunities to the firm’s workforce. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that a failure to invest in development can result in a business failing to innovate and lead to stagnation. The business owner is urging industry leaders to invest in development.

Lack of communication

Live Innovations operate an open door policy to make communication between management and contractors easy. Managing Director, Tom Harris believes that it is essential that he is accessible. “When there is open communication, people are able to share any concerns and voice opinions, making them feel like they are valued, and they are being listened to,” stated Mr Harris.


Live Innovations argues that indecisiveness can cause a business to collapse. Business owners have to make a lot of decisions, daily. Mr Harris believes that leaders who are indecisive put their business at risk. He thinks that it is important to take action and then make adjustments if necessary.

When it comes to talent acquisition, leadership skills are something that Live Innovations look for. The event-marketing specialists coach and mentor their workforce, to help them to develop their leadership skills to progress their business development and set them up for future success.


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