Live Innovations Adds Digital Technology Element to their Direct Marketing Campaigns

Live Innovations Adds Digital Technology Element to their Direct Marketing Campaigns

  Retailers are adapting the way they care for customers following a recent report found that 20 – 30 retail stores are closed daily across the UK. British consumers use online retail outlets to shop, over bricks and mortar stores boosting UK online sales by 15% in the last 12 months.
This has forced retailers to do some lateral thinking to bring customers back into their stores. Live Innovations outline this is imperative as online shopping contributes very little to brand loyalty. The outsourced sales and marketing company reveal infomation from a recent survey that customers might see a product they like with one retail store and buy on another. When in the physical store people are 45% more likely to spend with the retailer.

Retailers have been adapting their stores to suit mobile technology, and smart phones, with mobile apps, in-store discounts, and even ability paying via mobile technology to skip the queue at checkout.

Live Innovations managing director says “Smart phones and mobile technology give business the ability to connect with consumers like never before.”
Live Innovations has been at the forefront of customer acquisitions for companies throughout the UK, but even they understand the need to move with the times it order to stay ahead of the game.

“Our sales have always been based around customer care and a unique face to face experience, we know there is room to improve on the ways we capture customer information and how we use it” claims MD, Tom Harris.

Live Innovations has taken a digital revolution to what has been traditionally a pen and paper business. All customer interactions are recorded digitally, this provides a huge amount of information that can be reported in real time. This cuts down on administration errors and speeds up the time between data capture and measurable results.

“Our goal has always been to be on the cutting edge of sales and marketing in the UK and now with a digital element in our arsenal we look to the future when we can combine, sales with multi media presentation and a more personalised approach to sales, which is a win for the customer and will get our clients better results.” comments managing director Tom Harris.


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