Live Innovations: Business Trends Adapted from Changes in Nature

Live Innovations: Business Trends Adapted from Changes in Nature

Live Innovations identifies trends found in business reflect some of the natural evolutions seen in nature. It is commonly noted in nature that an ecosystem is a constantly changing environment. In nature both plants and animals need to constantly adapt to their changing surroundings to survive. The same theory has been monitored and applied by Live innovations in the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

Live Innovations evolution strategies were based on the research by James F. Moore. In 1993 he developed the strategic planning concept of business ecosystems. His theory first appeared in Harvard Business Review for which he received the McKinsey Award. He suggested that business environments are just like those found in nature. Business organisms inhabit the ecosystem and can include suppliers, customers, and competitors. In fact many of the terms found in business strategy are the exact same as biology, competition, resources, territory ect.

Apple is recognised by Live Innovations as a business who has contributed to James F. Moore’s theory over the past 10 years. Although it is one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world in its own right, it has created a gigantic business ecosystem in which smaller companies have evolved and aligned. Software designers for apps, Apple specific magazines, itunes, and a plethora of contractors, all have which have evolved because of giant leader in the technology sector. James F. Moore said, “Those companies holding leadership roles may change over time, but the function of ecosystem leader is valued by the community because it enables members to move toward shared visions to align their investments, and to find mutually supportive roles.”

Live Innovations Managing Director, Tom Harris says “There is a huge opportunity for outsourced sales and marketing companies to evolve and grow to service the needs of larger clients”. “In the same way that designers have evolved around Apple app technology, many companies around the UK want to grow but cannot do it alone” Live Innovations, Tom Harris says.

“Many successful entrepreneurs and small business are having huge success filling the gaps in larger companies armour. This allows for more growth and opportunities for everybody in the UK” says Tom Harris. “My advice would be to look at successful industries and companies who are paving the way and ask yourself if there is any kind of opportunity there for a great business Idea?”

“Just as in nature business is a constantly changing environment, and in order to grow we need to stay ahead of the curve, those who do not change can be left behind. Instead of the old pen and paper most companies work on, we are looking to make things smoother by using Ipads, this will allow us to track results in real time, improve efficiency” adds Live Innovations Managing Director.


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