Live innovations Customer Care Strategy Leads to 57% Growth

Live innovations Customer Care Strategy Leads to 57% Growth

London based outsourced sales and marketing company, Live Innovations report growth of 57% last quarter after implementing customer care strategy which boosted customer retention and referrals.

Live Innovations released data which reveals astonishing growth for the months October – December 2012. The outsourced sales company implemented a new business strategy which focused on customer care earlier this year, which is believed to have contributed to their success. “We optimised our policies on customer care and in just a few short months we have seen outstanding results. We are absolutely blown away by how far we have progressed since this time last year” claims Tom Harris, Live Innovations Managing Director. ‘We have more than doubled our sales but perhaps even more remarkable is the improvement in customer retention’ adds Mr Harris.

Live Innovations boast a customer retention rate of 79% up from 66% compared to the same quarter of 2011. While many businesses experience decreased rates of retention through rapid growth, normally due to not being able to keep up with demand, Live Innovations have not only maintained the quality of the customer care but increased it. ‘Something that has always been important to me is maintaining the quality of our service, I hate the idea of standards slipping because a company is not prepared for success. Introducing the customer care strategy a year ago was part of our growth strategy and I’ve very pleased it has paid off’ adds Tom Harris, MD at Live Innovations.

Quality of a product and customer care are the 2 main factors that influence buying behaviour and brand loyalty. In competitive industries, the ability to define a unique selling point and backing that up with these influencing factors is a recipe for success. Live Innovations explain that in addition to their new customers experiencing these benefits, their outsourcing services have also become more appealing to new and existing clients ‘The ability to offer a quality service that also delivers in volume of sales is unique and we have seen the interest in our business increase in early 2013. Existing clients are recommending us more and more, we are expecting this year to be huge for our business and are already seeking advice about expanding into new UK markets’ says Tom Harris.

Live Innovations forecast further growth for Quarter 1 of 2013. The firm will release official data in April but anticipate they will exceed targets by 12%.


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