Why live Innovations are encouraging people to disconnect from technology

Why live Innovations are encouraging people to disconnect from technology

London-based sales and marketing specialists, Live Innovations are passionate about development and helping aspiring professionals reach their full potential. The firm is urging people to disconnect from technology and focus on ‘real’ interactions.

Technology comes with many advantages; for example, people can do things more efficiently and save time; as a result, education has come on leaps and bounds through the use of computers and people can work from different locations, providing more flexibility to their lifestyle.

However, sales and marketing firm, Live Innovations believe that reliance on the use of mobile devices has caused many people to forget how to have real conversations and that people are becoming too dependent on technology for their everyday existence.  Live Innovations states that people should consider the following three factors as a reason to disconnect from technology from time to time.

  1. Face-to-face interaction

As useful as social media is for maintaining relationships, Live Innovations states that there is no substitute for in-person communications.  A new survey has found that 68% of millennials actively avoid face to face conversations, which highlights the disadvantages of over-relying on technology at the primary form of communication.

  1. Creative thinking

Creative thinking and innovation are powerful factors in the level of success of an individual. By taking the time to disconnect from the online world and think creatively, a person will increase their chances of finding solutions to problems, and make the steps to achieve their goals.

  1. Health

There are definite health risks associated with electronic devices, so by turning off technology and disconnecting now and then will be beneficial to a person’s health.

‘We are consuming three times the amount of information today than we did back in 1960, so too much time being connected to technology and on our mobile devices can take its toll on both our mental and physical health’ said a spokesperson for Live Innovations. ‘By taking time out and disconnecting from technology now and then, the benefits we get from using it will be more worthwhile when we re-connect’ continued the spokesperson.

Live Innovations is an event marketing firm based in north London. Live Innovations create unique marketing campaigns that enable them to connect with consumers in-person, to showcase their client’s products and services at specialised events. This face-to-face tried and tested marketing strategy results in a high customer retention rate for their client’s business.





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