Live Innovations Reviews 2016’s Top Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Live Innovations Reviews 2016’s Top Christmas Marketing Campaigns

With Christmas just around the corner, the UK’s biggest brands unveiled their Christmas marketing campaigns last week to get consumers into the festive spirit, and Live Innovations has reviewed some of their favourites.

Christmas is a marketer’s busiest time of year, with consumers ready to splurge it is crucial to capture the imaginations and emotions of prospective customers. Modern consumers want to find socially conscious retailers who have equal values. Brand awareness during this time of year is crucial in driving revenue during the busiest shopping time of the year. Live Innovations were eagerly waiting for the big brands offering this year and are pleased to offer their opinion on this year’s winner in their eyes:

John Lewis has been a front runner for a few years now, serving up consumer favourites including the man in the moon and Monty the penguin. This year they introduce Buster the Boxer, offering a lighter hearted campaign than previous years. Craig Inglis customer director explained they were keen to add fun and magic back into the year on the back of a controversial year in politics. John Lewis is pledging their allegiance to The Wildlife Trust this year, offering all proceedings to their Buster the Boxer range to the UK wildlife charity.

Waitrose is the second brand for Live Innovations to review, following a similar route to their sister company John Lewis, they have documented the difficult journey home made by a red robin. “Coming home is a central theme at Christmas when welcoming, hosting and providing a special meal for loved ones is at the heart of celebrations,” said Rupert Thomas, marketing director at Waitrose, which is part of the John Lewis Partnership. “It’s a story of love, courage and the importance of enjoyment with family and friends.” Waitrose is communicating their opinion that improving family time is simple with their high-quality food.

Sainsbury’s team had a tough job ahead of them following last year’s successful Mog the cat campaign. This year’s campaign focussed on the struggle of an ordinary dad trying to get everything sorted for Christmas on a stretched time frame, something the majority of consumers can relate too. The dad duplicates himself so he can present his family with the gift of time. Sainsbury’s are also linking themselves with a charity, proceeds from gingerbread Dave’s will go towards family accommodation at Great Ormond Street hospital for children. The supermarket giant is driving home the message that material items are insignificant. However, the quality time spent together is what the festive period is all about for families.

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