Productivity Hacks from Live Innovations Will Help Achieve Peak Performance

Productivity Hacks from Live Innovations Will Help Achieve Peak Performance

Productivity levels are a focal point for Live Innovations. Managing Director Tom Harris is committed to helping people achieve peak performance levels. The event-marketing specialists have shared their productivity hacks.

Day in and day out, people all have the same amount of time but where the variation in productivity comes in is how people use their time differently. The most successful people in sport, business and music attribute their success at least in part to how they manage their time effectively to get maximum productivity levels. Direct sales and marketing agency, Live Innovations have for a long time recognised the powerful link between productivity and success.  The firm highlight that since everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, managing time isn’t necessarily the focus, instead people should concentrate on what they do with their time if they are looking to increase productivity.

Live Innovations report that driving productivity is something the firm attributes to their success and that businesses need the right tools if they want to increase productivity levels. Regardless of whether an individual is a high-profile entrepreneur or a freelancer in charge of managing their own time, Live Innovations appreciate that it can be a struggle trying to fit in a productive day’s work. Then again, increasing productivity can be as simple as changing just a handful of behaviours.

Today’s working environment is competing in a world of distractions, namely inflicted through pop-up notifications on various technological devices.  As a result, many workers have forgotten how to engage ‘deeply’ with maximum focus.  Since this type of work adds the most value, Live Innovations recommend that for those looking to increase their productivity levels to get ‘focus fit’ and minimise distractions.

Research has shown that taking hourly five-minute active breaks will boost energy, sharpen focus and reduce fatigue but people can all too easily get consumed with ‘busyness’ and forget to take regular breaks. Live Innovations suggest that individuals should not overlook the importance of taking frequent, active breaks. Live Innovations also advise that people should mentally shut down their day, by writing down what has been accomplished and setting goals for the next day to add a sense of control and mental closure.

Live Innovations are urging aspiring entrepreneurs to look at how they use their time and to implement productivity hacks to increase their chances of success.



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