Tom Harris of Live Innovations Reveals what to look for when Seeking Top Talent

Tom Harris of Live Innovations Reveals what to look for when Seeking Top Talent

“Effective talent acquisition is pivotal for business success,” argues Tom Harris, award-winning business owner. The Live Innovations director has revealed what to look for when seeking top talent.

Business coach and mentor, Tom Harris has gained valuable experience in acquiring and nurturing talent, and he believes that companies need to focus on five key components.

  1. Attitude

A positive attitude is integral to success. Mr. Harris believes that a positive attitude leads to positive results and that those with a positive and optimistic outlook are more likely to achieve success. During the firm’s extensive interview process, they test attitude.

  1. Adaptability

The business world is continuously changing and evolving; therefore it is important for people not to be resistant to change and embrace it. Mr. Harris believes that it’s vital for people to be able to adapt to new processes and environments.

  1. Passion

A study by Deloitte found that 87.7% of the workforce fail to work to their full potential because they don’t have a passion for the work they do. People who are motivated and passionate about what they do attack their work with a sense of urgency and determination to achieve their goals.

  1. Open to Criticism

A lot of people struggle to take criticism, however being open to constructive criticism is integral to helping someone learn, grow and develop. Therefore, those who are open to constructive criticism and self-development will be the ones to achieve growth.

  1. Culture Fit

Live Innovations have worked hard to cultivate a fun, friendly and nurturing environment where they promote positivity and development. A 2015 Deloitte study found that 87% of companies cited culture and engagement as one of their top challenges. Mr. Harris concurs with those results, arguing that culture fit is just as important as knowledge and experience. “If the people you are bringing in will not gel well with the rest of the team, it’s not a good fit for either party,” commented Mr. Harris.

Effective talent acquisition can make or break a company. Operating in the UK’s capital city, with a plethora of competitors, Live Innovations have developed an extensive process which allows them to assess applicants and their suitability adequately.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm offer brands bespoke marketing campaigns, designed to suit individual business needs. Owner, Tom Harris is urging companies to look for the five highlighted characteristics when acquiring new talent.



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