Boost Your Chances of Success Using Live Innovations Body Language Tips

Boost Your Chances of Success Using Live Innovations Body Language Tips

Its not always about what a person may say, people pick up on body language – and its important not to be sending the wrong signals, claims Live Innovations. The London-based event marketing experts held a workshop this past week, with the objective to teach their staff and contractors about body language and how to use it to boost success.  

During the one-hour workshop, Managing Director at Live Innovations Tom Harris revealed his personal body language hacks and encouraged attendees to implement those hacks to boost their chances of success.

1: Smile 

“Smiling is infectious and makes people appear approachable,” stated Mr Harris. The entrepreneur and business owner encouraged people to assume a smile, no matter how they feel on the inside.  Smiling has the ability to make someone feel happy and confident and helps others to respond positively. “I make sure I always have a smile on my face when I’m speaking to people, even if it’s over the phone,” said Mr Harris.

2: Shoulders back and chin up 

This simple yet valuable hack, adopting a strong posture with shoulders back and chin up projects confidence, authority, and control. While researching the subject, Mr Harris found that keeping your chin up gives others the impression of leadership. “The way others view you in business is crucial and assuming this position will increase your confidence and assertiveness.” Said Mr Harris.

3: Curl up your lip 

When tackling a task, achieving complete concentration is vital.  When someone curls up their lip, it shows they are serious about achieving their goals and are determined to accomplish them. Doing this projects an intensity that will inspire others to follow their lead.

4: Take large strides 

The most successful people walk with a purpose, and they take large strides. Occupying large amounts of space, whether when walking, sitting, or standing indicates authority.

5: Keep your arms open 

“When it comes to body language, what you do with your arms says a lot about you,” said Mr Harris. Crossed arms are a sign of vulnerability and defensiveness. Open arms are the exact opposite. Mr Harris urged the attendees to keep their arms open as that tells people they are confident, serious, and optimistic.

Live Innovations is a London-based event marketing company specialising in personalised marketing events which represent their clients’ brands directly to consumers. As the firms marketing is carried out face to face, positive body language plays a pivotal role in successful conversations and sales conversions.





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