Live Innovations Review Report Ranking London as the Most Attractive UK City to Overseas Workers

Live Innovations Review Report Ranking London as the Most Attractive UK City to Overseas Workers

The Global Talent Survey of 366,000 respondents from 197 countries found the UK’s capital was still the most attractive city for work. London-based event-marketing specialists Live Innovations were delighted with the results and have reviewed the report.

As in 2014, the UK’s capital has remained the most appealing city for global workers who were asked where they would consider working abroad. London ranked number one as the most desirable city in the world for overseas workers in a global survey of 366,000 people. London was the overwhelming victor securing 22% of the vote – beating New York 16%, Berlin 15%, Barcelona 15%, Amsterdam 14%, Dubai 12% Los Angeles 11%, Paris 11%, Sydney 9% and Tokyo 8%, to take the top spot.

London’s achievement is significant, considering the UK’s overall attractiveness has fallen. Back in 2014, the UK was the second most attractive country to work; however due in part to Brexit and economic uncertainty it has dropped to fifth.

Despite changing perceptions of the UK, London’s own brand has remained strong, with the global city continuing to be heralded for its diversity and inclusivity. The city acts as a global hub for business and finance, while it celebrates entrepreneurship and creativity, and has a lot to offer both culturally and socially.

Event-marketing specialists, Live Innovations has experienced the diversity of London, attracting professionals from all over the world. The firm’s own Managing Director, Tom Harris is originally from Australia. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that the firm’s diversity is integral to their continued success.

“I love London. I’ve definitely adopted it as my second home, and it’s a great city to do business in. The fact that it attracts talent from all over the world is one of the biggest advantages. Recruitment is what separates the average from the extraordinary and having a great talent pool to select from is pivotal for businesses to survive and thrive,” commented Mr Harris.

London’s worldwide appeal is notable in the fact that 37% of London residents were born outside of the UK, illustrating the attractiveness of the UK’s capital to those around the globe.

Live Innovations is London’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company. They provide brands with bespoke marketing campaigns designed to suit business needs. The firm has operated in London for many years, and they believe the city’s global appeal to be crucial to their ability to attract top talent.



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