Tom Harris of Live Innovations hosts tutorial on conquering fears

Tom Harris of Live Innovations hosts tutorial on conquering fears

Managing Director at Live Innovations, London’s premier event marketing firm, hosted a tutorial this week on conquering fears to achieve success.  

First and foremost, Live Innovations is an event marketing firm, specialising in raising brand awareness and increasing market share for clients through interactive and innovative marketing solutions. The firm’s Director, Tom Harris is an ardent business coach, and he relishes his role, helping aspiring professionals to fulfil their potential. The award-winning entrepreneur frequently hosts workshops and tutorials to help the firm’s workforce develop their knowledge and skillset.

The objective of the workshop was to provide the firm’s workforce with advice and guidance to overcome their fears.

1. Take Action & Start Small

Most people will have many fears, and Mr Harris urges people to rank them in order of ‘fear rating’. The business owner advises people to start small and tackle the least significant one first before working towards conquering the biggest fear. The Live Innovations director contends that by starting small and taking actions toward overcoming the lower priority fears, it then helps build momentum, courage and motivation to tackle the number one fear.

2. Don’t set a time limit

Unlike most goals where a time limit is necessary to instil a sense of urgency, Mr Harris believes that when it comes to conquering fears, people should refrain from setting a deadline. The business owner believes that most fears have been built over a lifetime and therefore will take time to tackle. Instead set small milestones to meet and address fears regularly. For example, if someone suffers from Glossophobia, Mr Harris urges them to seek out the opportunity to speak publicly once a week to build up consistency and confidence.

3. Recognise Progress

When working to overcome fears, Mr Harris states that it’s essential to reinforce the experience in a positive light. A classic example is someone suffering from Glossophobia; once they have committed to speaking publicly, the first time will feel like a disaster, however when reflecting on that experience someone can acknowledge that they pushed past their fear and accomplished their goal.

Live Innovations is a leading event marketing firm based in London. It takes great pride in representing clients with the professional and caring manner that they would be proud to call their own. They use a personal, tailored approach, guaranteed to connect with their clients’ target audiences. Mr Harris is passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs expand their knowledge and skillset, and he regularly hosts companywide workshops, seminars and tutorials.





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