Interview with Tom Harris Reveals Exciting New Client Launch at Live Innovations

Interview with Tom Harris Reveals Exciting New Client Launch at Live Innovations

This past week, Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris took some time out of his busy schedule to give an interview, during which the business owner revealed that the London-based event-marketing specialists have recently launched a new project, working with a client in the energy sector.This is big news as the event-marketing specialists have been solely focussed on representing their client in the finance sector for the last two years. Speaking about the new project, Mr Harris said “We’ve put in a great deal of hard work and effort to get our finance campaign to where we envisioned it when we started out two years ago. We have regularly been the number one marketing agency in the UK for our finance client, and now it’s time to diversify our portfolio and launch a new project.”

The new client is the UK’s largest energy supplier, outside of the Big 6, supplying almost one million homes. They were the first UK company to introduce smart meters, which all energy companies are required to offer customers by 2020. One of the key things that attracted Mr Harris to strike the deal was the firm’s commitment to delivering great customer service and on Which? They have a current overall customer score of 68%, which Live Innovations hope to boost to 70 and above.

At Live Innovations, it is their commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience that allows them to stand out in a hugely competitive market, and has enabled them to successfully represent one of the UK’s leading finance providers, when many other marketing firms fell away due to stringent procedures and protocols.

The new project means that the firm will be expanding their event portfolio, which brings exciting development opportunities for the firm’s workforce. “As we grow and expand, the opportunities for development grow too, and I’m excited to see who steps up to the plate and grabs the opportunity.” Stated Mr Harris

Mr Harris was visibly excited about the new business partnership and commented that the timing was perfect as graduate season is fast approaching and it’s the ideal time to add to the firm’s talent pool. At Live Innovations, they have previous experience working with graduates, and they recognise the value they can add to a business with their ambition, enthusiasm, and innovation.

Live Innovations is a leading event-marketing firm based in London. They use a personal, tailored approach, guaranteed to connect with their clients’ target audiences. The new client launch is the first step in the firm’s growth goals for 2018, and Mr Harris is excited to see the progress this quarter.





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