Live Innovations focusing on development in 2017

Live Innovations focusing on development in 2017

After a triumphant rebirth in 2016, event marketing specialists Live Innovations are now focusing on development in 2017, as they prepare to lay strong foundations for business growth.

Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris is looking to take a hands-on approach to help the firm’s staff, and contractors expand their knowledge and skill-set, enabling them to assist the company towards their growth goals, and setting them up for future success.

Besides the Live Innovations focus on development, Managing Director Tom Harris is pursuing the avenue of diversifying the firm’s client portfolio.  In the last 12 months, Live Innovations have focused their attention on making a success of their finance campaign.  “We put in an extensive amount of work and effort into our finance campaign to get it right, and now we have successfully identified the perfect strategy to get results we want to add to our portfolio.” Said Mr Harris.

The firm’s focus on development is fuelled by client demand for more events nationwide. As it stands Live Innovations currently operate at event sites in London, however, the firm’s client base want UK-wide coverage. With conservative estimates of fifteen new locations to open in the main cities across the UK, Live Innovations need to find and nurture ambitious individuals to help the firm expand into these new areas.  “The budgets are already in place, and it’s just a case of finding the right people who want to step up, “ said Mr Harris.

Live Innovations have a unique meritocratic business structure, and because of this, their growth is dependent on their people.  The firm operates an internal business development opportunity, targeted towards ambitious, career-minded individuals looking to accelerate their career growth.  Geared towards education and on the job training, participants will learn all aspects of the business fundamentals including; basics sales and marketing strategies, motivational and public speaking techniques, micro-management, leadership, brand management and customer care and acquisition.

Live Innovations is an event marketing company specialising in personalised marketing events which represent their clients’ brands directly to consumers. These individual event marketing campaigns give Live Innovations the chance to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis, which often helps to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. The firm pride themselves on having a friendly, fun and nurturing working environment and they argue that this is what helps to attract top talent and continue to achieve great success.