Live Innovations focusing on travel to assist with development

Live Innovations focusing on travel to assist with development

Managing Director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris is a passionate business coach and mentor and the award-winning entrepreneur is focusing on travel to help the firm’s staff contractors progress their business development, simultaneously taking the company forward.

Event marketing specialist, Live Innovations is passionate about the development of its people and Managing Director, Tom Harris believes that travel can act as the catalyst for business growth.

Recently, Live Innovations held a business trip bonanza, with four groups of contractors going head to head, competing for the title of the number one road trip. Contractors travelled to Ashford, Brighton, Bournemouth and Plymouth in a South Coast takeover.

The week-long trip provided tremendous results, seeing a sales increase of 11%. Live Innovations is in the fortunate position of not being restricted to one static location when representing clients. The firm has the opportunity to take the business on the road, and expose clients to new consumers. Mr Harris believes that travel can prove to be pivotal for business development, helping aspiring professionals to learn, grow and develop. Here, the London-based customer acquisition specialist has shared the main advantages to travel.


Travelling often involves changing plans and finding ways to adapt to new environments which serve as real-life teaching moments. To achieve entrepreneurial success, it’s vital to be flexible and maintain composure to adjust to unexpected situations and new environments.


Mr Harris contends that the most successful individuals have mastered the art of communication.  As a company that specialises in customer acquisition, effective communication is imperative for Live Innovations. Communication comprises of multiple components including body language and verbal communication. When travelling, people often encounter different cultures and language barriers that can be challenging. These experiences can help entrepreneurs shape how they communicate and network with peers.

Teamwork skills

Travelling in a group allows people to form bonds and grow as a community. Mr Harris believes that being able to work well with others is critical to business success.


Travelling opens doors to new people and potential connections. Often, during Live Innovations business trips the firm will spend time in the office of one of the firm’s business associates, getting to experience how they work and having the chance to network with like-minded professionals. Travelling can also help with networking skills by forcing people outside of their comfort zone to interact with people they otherwise wouldn’t talk to.

Live Innovations is an event-marketing firm based in north London. Live Innovations create unique marketing campaigns that enable its workforce to connect with consumers in-person, to showcase its clients’ products and services at specialised events. The firm is hugely ambitious, with massive growth goals and believes that travel can act as the catalyst for that.



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