Live Innovations MD wins big at Charity Silent Auction

Live Innovations MD wins big at Charity Silent Auction

Managing Director at Live Innovations Tom Harris placed the winning bid during a charity silent auction at the 2017 Sales & Marketing Awards, seeing the entrepreneur and business owner become the proud owner of a signed Usain Bolt picture collection.

The Awards Gala is the stand out event in the sales and marketing calendar, attended by industry experts and consultants from all over the World. This year’s event saw some of the most influential and successful figures in the industry, flying in from the US, South Africa and Australia, specially for the occasion.

This year’s ceremony was held on May 20th at the 5-star Grosvenor House Hotel based in the world-famous Park Lane. Located in London’s vibrant Mayfair district. Throughout the Gala, the event organisers ran a silent auction where attendees were encouraged to bid on a broad range of special prizes, with all the proceeds going to Railway Children, a charity fighting for the protection of vulnerable children in the UK, India and East Africa.

Mr Harris was proud to be involved with the auction, which saw his winning bid of £750 contribute to the total of £15,s000 that was raised on the evening. “I believe it’s important to give back and help others who aren’t as fortunate. I am taking more interest in philanthropic activities, and it is something I am actively promoting as a value for Live Innovations,” commented Mr Harris.

Usain Bolt is one of the greatest and most decorated athletes in the world. He is four-time Laureus World Sportsman of the year, eight-time Olympic Champion, eleven-time World Champion, triple world record holder and officially the world’s fastest man.

The signed piece of memorabilia takes pride of place on the wall above Mr Harris’ desk in his office. “It’s been a real conversation starter, and it ties in really well with our competitive nature and winning mentality. I believe that there is a real link between what makes a successful athlete and what makes a successful business person and that those skills and attributes can be transferred into business,” commented Mr Harris.

Live Innovations is an event marketing company specialising in personalised marketing events which represent their clients’ brands directly to consumers. These individual event marketing campaigns give Live Innovations the chance to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis, which often helps to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer.


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