Live Innovations Predicts User-generated Content as Next Marketable Trend

Live Innovations Predicts User-generated Content as Next Marketable Trend

A study conducted by Live Innovations from September 2011- February 2012 reveals ‘User Generated Content’ contributes to over 54 per cent of a brands marketing strategy.

Since the evolution of the Web 2.0, in which users are far more able to share information and collaborate, User Generated Content has been on the rise. Live Innovations conducted a survey over 26 weeks of various brands within the charity, gaming and telecommunications sector. They reveal that just over 54 per cent of brands evolve their marketing strategy based on consumer feedback or what many refer to as User Generated Content.

Live Innovations is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in London Bridge. Keeping an eye on upcoming trends is how they stay on top in a competitive London market.

Live Innovations explain an example of User generated content is Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia. Encyclopedia Britannica’s content is compiled by experts, and Wikipedia’s is put together anonymously and set up so anybody can edit and contribute to content.

The same theory applies to developing a marketing strategy, claims Live Innovations. By using information offered by the target audience or consumer a more appealing advertising, marketing or sales pitch can be developed.

The gaming industry has seen a similar theory used with machinima. Machinima takes video game footage and synchronises with voice over recordings. This phenomenon started in the 1990s with Doom and Quake, some for the first 1st person shooters created and were made by fans of the games. Now there are entire studios set up to create these movies. Most notably Rooster Teeth Productions which created a short comedy series called Red vs Black, based around the Halo series, which ended up running for over 10 seasons.

Live Innovations, managing director, Tom Harris says “Live Innovations constantly look for new marketing trends to incorporate and stay ahead of the curve.”

“We are constantly looking for feedback from customers to adjust our sales experience to suit our customers needs” Live Innovations Managing Director Tom Harris says.

Live Innovations latest study unveils the many industries that have begun to use this data to evolve their marketing approach to appeal to a larger audience. “User generated content is a great way to engage customers. They have usually already made a personal investment into a product. When it comes to marketing and sales, the more contribution or interaction you can get from your audience, the more information you can gather to enhance your marketing strategy” adds Tom Harris of Live Innovations.

Live Innovations follow up and coming trends and conduct regular research into sales and marketing fashions to ensure they remain leaders in the industry.



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