Live Innovations Says ‘Consistency Makes A Great Leader’

Live Innovations Says ‘Consistency Makes A Great Leader’

It takes a great leader to run a sustainable business, especially in the current economical climate. Entrepreneur Tom Harris explains why Live Innovations’s future looks very promising.

Great leadership skills are essential to be successful in business. Tom Harris, Managing Director at Live Innovations says: “Great leaders are the reason many businesses are sustainable and profitable.” Tom Harris explains that one of the most important secrets of great leadership is the power of consistency which decides if your business fails or succeeds.

According to an article published on, there are five rules which determine whether consistency has great influence over the success of an organisation. “Leaders of the 21st century follow the power of consistency,” says Tom Harris at Live Innovations. Consistency allows measurement, creates accountability, establishes a company’s reputation, makes it relevant and maintains a vision. Tom Harris at Live Innovations explains how these five rules helped him build his successful business.

Being consistent as a leader is very important, especially when trying a new business idea. In order to measure the effectiveness of a new procedure it has to be tested consistently. Tom Harris at Live Innovations confirms that measuring success it vital. “If you are not successful in what you do, you need to stop and think of something new. It is crucial to measure success if you want to run a successful business.” Furthermore, Tom Harris explains the importance of making himself accountable for his actions. “As a leader,” Tom Harris says, “I am accountable for my goals, actions and promises and I do what I do consistently, people know what they can expect from me and that they can count on me at any time.”

For an organisation it is crucial to have a good reputation which needs to be built and can be achieved through consistent leadership, explains Tom Harris at Live Innovations. Only through a steady leadership style a business can stay on the right track in order to achieve its goals and be relevant for internal and external customers. However, “the most important way to be consistent” states Tom Harris, “is following your vision.” Our vision is to provide our clients with the most professional representation to achieve superior customer acquisition. We focus on quality over quantity. We guarantee results for our clients, free brand awareness through a personal approach’.

The business world changes, especially in today’s uncertain economical climate. The successful Managing Director of Live Innovations, Tom Harris is very confident that his consistent leadership style will help the company grow further in the next few years. His plans are to increase sales for clients by 300% by 2013.





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