Preliminary Results of Live Innovations Environmental Sustainability Study Revealed

Preliminary Results of Live Innovations Environmental Sustainability Study Revealed

Initial results from the study conducted by Live Innovations reveal consumers buying patterns are influenced by a brand or companies environmental ethics. Live Innovations report the top areas consumers consider are; imported products, mode of transport and contributions to local society. Consumers as a whole want to know that in satisfying their own needs by purchasing a product, it won’t be at another person’s expense or damaging the environment.

Live Innovations Managing Director, Tom Harris says, “Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and people are really waking up to ethical trading. I know I buy my coffee from an independent coffee shop because they have a private contract with a small farm in Papua New Guinea. I feel good knowing the farmers out there are getting a better deal… Plus the coffee tastes great!”

The study conducted by Live Innovations found that origin or a product was an important factor in consumer buying behaviour. 57% of people in the study considered buying local and organic produce over imported goods even if the cost was greater to shop locally. Live Innovations Managing Director Tom Harris says, “Two of the factors that contributed to this result were, consumers wanting to support their local economy, and reduce the amount of carbon emissions created through importing goods from outside the UK”.

According to DEFRA, CO2 emissions associated with imported goods and services consumed in the UK accounted for around a quarter of the carbon dioxide footprint in 1990 (166 million tonnes (mt) CO2, 27 per cent); by 2009 their share had increased to just under half (331 mt CO2, 45 per cent).

Live Innovations found that environmental impact was something that not only effected consumer buying behaviour but also peoples preferred methods of transportation. “London is a great example of environmental change, we have Boris bikes, Hydrogen powered buses, and a highly efficient public transport network, all of this reduces pollution, improves air quality, but above all, allows people to reduce their own carbon footprint”, says Live Innovations Managing Director Tom Harris. 37% of people surveyed in the study said they would prefer to take public transport then to drive to work, when asked about the environmental impact of daily commutes.

The Live Innovations survey revealed the way consumer behaviour is affected by brand ethics has given insight to how their sales and marketing campaigns could incorporate higher levels environmental sustainability in the future.

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