Tom Harris of Live Innovations hosts a companywide workshop on the 5-second rule.

Tom Harris of Live Innovations hosts a companywide workshop on the 5-second rule.

Award-winning event marketing specialists, Live Innovations recently held a companywide workshop inspired by the five-second rule, to continue their trend of offering self-development training to all of their contractors.   

Live Innovations are not new to holding companywide workshops and seminars to assist their professionals in their business development. The company is widely known for creating a productive and learning based company culture in which education ranks highly during each work day.  

The firm’s latest workshop focused on the idea of the five-second rule, consisting of an individual to complete an action after counting down from five. This concept encourages educational impulsiveness, the aspect of not dwelling too much on important decisions. The idea of making a quicker decision promotes instinctual reasoning, discouraging overthinking.  

Entrepreneur and motivational author Tim Denning discusses the benefits incorporating the five-second rule has had within his personal, and subsequent professional career.   

Career Changes: Incorporating the five-second rule provided Tim with the motivation to say ‘yes’ to multiple options within his career. As a result, the author has stated that he has “never felt so electric”. Making the decision has instilled a sense of courage and motivation.  

Public Speaking Skills: Making an impulsive decision to enter a public speaking competition in which Tim has previously always refused resulted in the author developing skills and putting these into practice. Tim is now a confident, and active public speaker.  

Travel Challenges: Tim made the courageous decision to travel to a country in which he did not speak the language, all by himself. The decision was made in five seconds, a choice that the writer credits as “best thing I’ve done this year”. The decision presented opportunities to learn, experience and appreciate an entirely different culture.

Live Innovation’s Managing Director Tom Harris states that “Encouraging our young professionals to incorporate the five- 

second rule into their decision making helps them to act with instinct, making a more informed decision creates further opportunities”.   

Live Innovations is set to continue the trend of offering opportunities for self-development through workshops and seminars on a regular basis.  




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